Making hard stuff seem simple

Internet Applications

From websites to complex records management & ecommerce systems. Tested, packaged, deployed, monitored and maintained.

Nunatak's area of expertise is the development of bespoke networked applications usually accessed through mobile or desktop browsers.

We specialise in python applications and our software environment and processes are tuned for Web application development.

Branding and Strategy

We love solving problems and thinking outside of the box. We believe businesses should be able to concentrate on what they do best.

As problem solvers, we can help you tie together the missing parts, assist with design ranging from information architecture to brand integration and digital strategies.

We run a hands-on, process-driven business. Our lean business structure means that we can deliver cost-effective and highly efficient services..

Management and Information

Nunatak has worked in the document and records management space for over a decade. We understand the complexity of designing and implementing a system that will meet your compliance needs whilst maintaining useablity.

Successful information management systems not only need to be a reflection of how you do business, (which requires an understanding of business processes) but ensuring tools simplify compliance and standards requirements